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USA B2B Email Database
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USA B2B Email Database
6.8 Million US Business Emails

USA B2B Email Database
USA B2B Email Database -  Sample in Excel-FormatEasy Search and Export software
Searchable by Business Name/Phone/Fax/EMAIL ADDRESS and MORE!
6.800.000 aziende di 500 categorie merceologiche
incl. contatto personale, email & pagina web
Esportazione delle dati senza limite

6.8 Million US Business Emails
Easy Search and Export software
No Export/Print/Time Limit

  • Business Name 
  • Address 
  • City 
  • State 
  • Zip 
  • Phone  
  • Contact Name 
  • Title
  • Email 
  • SIC Code
  • Industry

The search software allows you to run a query from any of the available criteria and export your results into a custom list. Export formats include CSV, TAB, MS EXCEL, HTML, XML, and More!

How Accurate is this data?
Combined, there are 800 call center seats using this lists on a daily basis. With weekly reports, the corporate customers are a great resource for determining how accurate this lists are at any given time. The publisher try to keep there lists around 92-95% accurate.