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Belgio 2016 - Belgium BtoB Database Download

Belgium BtoB Database
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Belgium BtoB Database Download 
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Belgium BtoB Database Download - Email Packs Belgium
Excellent tool for marketing in Belgium -  Sample in Excel-FormatUn excellent attrezzi di marketing in Belgium.
250.000 aziende in 1.530 categorie merceologiche
incl. email
Esportazione delle dati senza limite !

Belgium BtoB Database Download contains 250.000 e-mails, business addresses and telephone numbers throughout Belgium in 1535 classifications.
Unlimited exporting capabilities!
It's a practical and simple product that allows you to find clients and allows you to identify the most interesting prospects for your company from your PC and manage your direct marketing campaigns!

Around 250.000 Belgian businesses with address, phone numbers and other contact information!  Excellent tool for marketing in Belgium.
This product may or may not share the same data resource with the Yellow Pages of this area (if any). However, this product is not a copy of the regional yellow pages or white pages.

Search by Keywords
Browse by category
Export Function
English, Spanish, Italian, German, French
Geographical Coverage
Fields included
Company Name, Phone, Address, ZIP Code, Email*, Business Categories*
Release Date
Every Year
* Not all entries are filled with each field

Number of total entries (companies)
Entries with Email
Entries with Phone number
Entries with Address
- explore the whole Belgian market 
- to find more suppliers
- to find more buyers
- excellent for your marketing database. 

What's inside this Program?
- around 250.000 Belgian businesses with contact information 
- sorted in 1535 categories (industries)
- Management software lets you browse and search the database
- Powerful keyword search and Text Search

What can I do with this Program?
- Expand your marketing database
- Get the list of businesses in any industry with contact information
- Generate your mailing list
- Contact certain businesses via E-mail, phone or fax

Categories (Industries) coverage:
Here are a list of basic (root) categories (industries) inside the database. There are 1535 categories (business headings) and you can also browse them alphabetically.