UK & Ireland Listings

UK + Ireland Business + Residential Listings on CD-ROM

Business listings are critically important in today's competitive market. Whether you are looking for local, regional, national or international business listings, you will find them all at Faust Information. We offer a host of business listings on CD that will help you to communicate with businesses spread worldwide.

Business listings provide the small business person with access to million business listings for use in direct marketing campaigns. These business listings are intended for use by entrepreneurs with little or no experience in direct mail, but who wish to build a prospect list and initiate basic outreach.

Business listings are basically a compilation of similar businesses that facilitates trade and open up wider choices for a prospective customer. With our CD-ROM you now have exhaustive business listings at your fingertips! These business listings are particularly useful for expanding businesses in the global context!


Gran Bretagna 2016 - Gran Bretagna BtoB Database Download

Email Packs
UK BtoB Database

UK BtoB Database Download 
UK Direct mail data

UK BtoB Database Download - Email Packs UK
UK Direct mail data -  Sample in Excel-FormatExcellent tool for marketing in Great Britain
250.000 aziende in 690 categorie merceologiche
incl. email
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Gran Bretagna 2016 - Power Business Leads Plus UK

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists
Power Business Leads Plus UK

Power Business Leads Plus UK
 1.7 Million UK Businesses

Power Business Leads Plus UK
Power Business Leads Plus UK - Sample in ExcelSIC  Code, Address, Town, County, Postcode,  Employee Count, Industry, and more!

1.700.000 aziende in più di 1.000 Branchen
incl. Numero di dipendenti, pagina web
Esportazione delle dati senza limite !

Gran Bretagna 2016 - Pagine Bianche

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists
UK White Pages DVD

UK White Pages 
Pagine Bianche

UK White Pages - Consumer & Residential Lists
Consumer & Residential Lists DVD Listing Sample in Excel-FormatOver 12 Million UK Households with with No Export/Print Limit!
12,4 Milioni partecipanti & abonati del telefono
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Gran Bretagna 2016 - UK Marketing Data

Pinpoint Consulting
UK Marketing Data

UK Marketing Data
UK Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

UK Marketing Data
UK Business Database - Samples in Excel-FormatOne of the most comprehensive and complete UK data collections available
Know your potential customer even before you contact them
3.100.000 aziende di 4.000 categorie merceologiche
incl. contatti personali, numero d'impiegati, email & pagina web
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Irlanda 2016 - Ireland Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Pinpoint Consulting
Business Contact Directory

 Ireland Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Business Contact Directory

Ireland Contacts on CD ROM
Ireland Business Contact Directory - Samples in Excel-FormatEurope B2B Marketing Data
98.000 aziende di 1.000 categorie merceologiche 
incl. email & pagina web
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Irlanda 2014/2016 - Banche dati aziende Irlanda

Discover Business Directories
Ireland Business Database

Ireland Business Database
Up to date and accurate Irland Business Listings

Discover Ireland Companies - Ireland Business Database
Discover Companies Sample & Categories in ExcelFind your Business Partners in Ireland
97.000 aziende di 550 categorie merceologiche
incl. contatto personale, Numero di dipendenti, email & pagina web, prodotti e servizi
Esportazione delle dati senza limite !